I’m thinking about my trip next week to El Salvador. It will be great to see Herve Laurent, the Master French Chef we co-authored Cooking Secrets, The Why and How… with a couple of years ago. He has a cooking school outside San Salvador which is doing great. http://www.scarts.cjb.net/

This got posted before I hit enter when my computer locked up and shut down. Well, it’s not the first time my thoughts were not finished.

Now it is Tuesday, and we are getting ready to leave for the PHX airport to fly to LAX. Not a good spot with all the fires. But, they say planes are leaving on time. We shall see. Flight to El Salvador does not leave until 1 a.m. and check in is 3 hours eary. What a great time to read a good book.

I’ll keep you informed about this adventure.

Signing off for now. More to follow.