I noticed the “Blogger Buzz,” as it talked about the new book which is a complilation of “To do lists.”

I very strongly dislike lists. I’ve learned others love them (like my husband). I accept that and even give him things to add to his list. But, he knows not to make one for me. When he makes one on the side and slips in the reminders, he is caught red-handd, always. On occassion, I’ll ask him to remind me and that is ok.

Now, the worst thing of all, I occassionaly now need to make my own lists so I don’t forget. I was always willing to do timelines for business projects, but personal lists just buzz around in my head. As each year passes, it seems the lists are ganging up on me and saying, “You won’t forget if you make a list.” Sounds good, but I forget the list. However, as much as I hate to admit it, when I do make a list, even if I leave it behind, I remember what was on it. The process of writing or using the keyboard registers and stays with me.

In summary, I have to say all lists are not bad. I just hope I don’t come to depend on them.

Maralyn D. Hill