What a miraculous and delightful hideaway I discovered in the greater Palm Springs area.

Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa in Desert Hot Springs was the perfect antidote to my cold and weary bones. This comfy, casual resort exceeded my expectations.

The caring touch of the pristine natural waters, and the staff, had a positive effect on my body, mind and spirit.

I knew that I had found that little diamond in the desert when I walked out to the 8 crystal clear, blue, natural, mineral hot springs, spas, Jacuzzi’s and pools. One pool is Olympic size and all over look spectacular snow capped mountains. All this with an unlimited supply of the resorts own award winning, cold, healthy drinking water.

My accommodations were a terrific value. A mini suite with a sun-drenched terrace steps from the champagne pool…my favorite.

While floating in warm bubbles I looked up to see a golden sun rise. To end the perfect day, I soaked and floated under the starry, starry sky in solitary peace… diamonds in the desert.

I could have stayed reading and resting on the sunny deck or relaxed in the other 7 swimming and soaking pools all day long. However, the Miracle Springs spa was another treasure to discover. There were a variety of quality treatments by top notch therapists at value prices. I tried one and signed up for two more.
When I wasn’t “taking the waters” to soak and float, or chilling on my private terrace, I walked through the quiet neighborhood and treated my body to rejuvenating spa treatments.

Another gem is the new spa boutique featuring luxurious items with natural, pure ingredients. Theunique French Company, l’Occitaine, chose Miracle Springs to feature their quality products.

To add to my pleasures Chef Nigel Gainor, a Canadian, prepared original dishes. Although not labeled spa cuisine I enjoyed simple, hearty and healthy taste sensations. My favorites were the original soups, such as 5 green and tomato feta bisque. Chef’s salads included real Cobb, spinach and autumn harvest. The salmon was sublime and the Osso Buco a surprise, especially when pared with a rich red wine.

Although I am a food writer I never ventured out to try other restaurants. However, there are local cafes and many other things to do to do near the resort…good hiking, the fascinating Cabot’s Puebla Museum home of Cabot Yerxa, and, of course, the trendy Palm Desert and Palm Springs activities.

I did finally, reluctantly leave my sanctuary in Desert Hot Springs to attend the the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, staying in two 5 star resorts.

Miracle Springs is a 3 star resort (simple and comfortable) with 4 star services. No matter where Itravel, how lovely it is, how good the food, it always comes down to the people who make a difference. It is the kind of place that feels like home. Even the Owners and Director of Development are available and “hands on”.

When leaving the fancier and pricier places (after only one day each) I inquired of the doorman, valet and bellman for directions BACK to Miracle Springs. They all knew the way.

I live on a Florida island, a long way from Desert Hot Springs. We have many famous and a few secret spas in my area. Yet, I am looking forward to my next journey to Miracle Springs…the unexpected diamond in the desert.

Reservations: 800-400-4414

Brenda Hill