For those of you who enjoy reading about food and travel, the new edition of the International Food, Wine, & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) Global Writes, a webzine edited by Kim Rahilly, is up and getting traffic

In addition to many fine writers capturing their travel and dining experiences, Brenda, Norm and I have some stories you may find interesting.

In Charlotte–An Explosion of Happenings, I was able to write about Mark Hibbs/Owner Chef and his wonderful establishment, Ratcliff on the Green, For those of you who have read my stories about Mark, you will be able to see more of his passion for his craft if you visit his website. I encourage you to make of point of tasting his creations when and if the time comes you are in Charlotte.

For those who want a recipe, be sure to read Barbara Hansen’s article on Dangerously Good Cookies. The history and recipe of these cookies is also published on her blog Barbara’s blog is good to bookmark as you may want to check out many of her other recipes.

A wine story from guest contributor Natalie Bovis-Nelsen (aka The Liquid Muse) is also featured. Her website is a good resource

There are many articles in this issue of Global Writes that travelers and foodies alike will enjoy. I encourage you to check them out and welcome your comments.

If you are interested in joining IFWTWA and writing for Global Writes Webzine, let me know and I’ll personally see that you get an invitation and application.