Unexpectedly, I discovered Aqua Tan products, http://www.aquatan.tv and was pleasantly pleased. I believe the line will be a tremendous hit and will enhance your body with a glorious natural-looking tan.

The quest for a good self-tanning product has been on my agenda for 20+ years. I’ve tried many, but none provided the finished result that I desired until Aqua Tan.

Since Aqua Tan offers many alternatives, picking which ones to start with was a challenge. But, I narrowed my decision down to three: Aqua Tan Gentle Purifying Gelee, Aqua Tan Self Tanning Body Milk, and 100% Natural Aqua Tan Self Tanning Spray for Faces.

A week before attending a meeting where I wanted to appear to have a nice tan, I started my experiment. The Aqua Tan Gentle Purifying Gelee did a lovely job as a gentle exfoliate in the shower. Its combination of white tea, cucumber, green tea extracts along with fruit enzymes, was soothing and not harsh, with a light fruit scent. Dull skin was washed away and my body felt soft. This is costs $36, but has lasted several months with bi-weekly use. A little goes a long way.

Next, I applied Aqua Tan Self Tanning Body Milk everywhere except my face. When you open this tube, the aroma is fresh and the product is white, light, thin and silky. As you apply it over your body, it soaks in like a lotion. A combination of Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5 work together to nourish your skin while leaving it soft. The body milk dried fast and I only needed a few additional minutes before getting dressed.

It took about 2 hours for my tan to appear. Even though I thought I had been careful, there were 3 or 4 spots I missed. So, I applied a little more to those starkly contrasting areas, and within a few hours I had a healthy tan. Over the next 5 days, I applied the body milk 2 more times. It took about 10 days before I had to apply any more. As this application faded away over another 10 days, I used the exfoliate to eliminate any leftover spots.

I repeated the above process five weeks later with the same exceptional results. This product sells for $42, and goes a long way. What I especially liked was not having to apply it every day. Instead, in-between applications, I used regular body lotion during the time I had my Aqua Tan. I’m sure the Aqua Tan Sensual Tan Extender would help enhance everyone’s tan and make them last a little longer.

It’s tempting to say I’ve saved the best for last. But, I can’t pick a favorite between the body milk and the 100% Natural Aqua Tan Self Tanning Spray for Faces. You spray the latter on your face and spread evenly with your fingertips. Like the other products, it contains powerful antioxidants for protecting your skin against free radicals, combined with nourishing botanicals, Awapuhi, Papaya, Cucumber and Aloe Vera extracts. Its light fragrance is refreshing.

I used this spray every day for 4 days and then every 3rd day. I absolutely love its feel and results. This product, which sells for $38, has lasted for over 3 months.

Aqua Tan products have my vote and endorsement. I recently saw a review of the body milk on http://gottaspa.blogspot.com/2008/04/review-aqua-tan-self-tanning-body-milk.html. Obviously, Shannon Nelson also loves it.

After others give Aqua Tan a try, I’d be interested in knowing what they think.
This review, along with any of our reviews in the blog, is positive. We only take the time to review products we feel comfortable endorsing. Sometimes, we are asked to endorse something, but we don’t. It may be great for some, just not for us.

Maralyn D. Hill, Reviewer/Writer