Daniel Finger is the new Chef Tourant for Harborview Hotel & Resort on Martha’s Vineyard.

A published co-author of Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel and Cooking Secrets, the Why and How… I was thrilled to discover the culinary creativity of Danny,(Daniel Dye Finger).

Danny’s skills are difficult to describe… he is extremely multi-dimensional. He can whip us all up an international-fusion (European and Asian influenced) 4-course meal in no time, with whatever ingredients are on hand.

I have interviewed over 100 chefs, worldwide, for my books and articles. Danny has the one essential ingredient that sets him apart…PASSION.

Well, since I know his Grandmother, Mother and Father, why should this be a surprise, (artists, writers, world travelers, and much more)?

Dan’s mother, Marguerite Jill Dye, told me how much Dan loves cooking, and that is exactly what it takes… L O V E… I know, because my Vermont daughter, Robin, is a chef because of the love she felt when she made her first grilled cheese sandwich at the age of 3 years old.

Every morsel that Danny concocted, whether a simple ruby red, ripe, local tomato topped with Buffalo Mozzarella…and a drizzle of EVO, or an elaborate feast of seared, fresh, pink, juicy duck breast, was prepared with skill and passion.

Danny is one of the chefs I plan to feature in our book in progress, Our Affairs Continue…

Best of all, he paired the perfect wine with the unusual flavors of his innovative inventions.

It is important to note that Danny has been trained in Switzerland, the Culinary Capital for many of the best chefs in the world. I was lucky enough to live in Switzerland, and have been longing for a new Swiss-trained chef in our Sarasota area.

Danny also happens to create cutting edge cuisine at CORK, http://www.corkonthecircle.com/, recently voted “Sarasota’s best new restaurant.” The Harbor View, http://www.harbor-view.com/ is fortunate to get Danny and Sarasota will miss him.

Brenda (Bree) Hill
Longboat Key, FL