We’ve been in Washing D.C. this week with sunny weather. Today, it is gloomy and has been a great day to catch up with some writing. When taking a break for lunch, I just didn’t feel like venturing out (I’ve been logging plenty of steps), so I went downstairs at the M Street Hotel (Renaissance) to the M Bar.

The bar menu was quite complete with many selections of interest. However, the one that drew me in was the side of “Mac and cheese” with shaved truffles. I’ve tasted many different varieties of macaroni and cheese, but this took a comfort food to a supreme level. It was delicious as it came out baked and steaming in its little casserole with a sprinkling of buttered breadcrumbs on the top. There were not an overwhelming amount of shaved truffles. Just enough to superbly flavor it.

Having experienced the M Bar myself and observing others, I can see why it does a thriving business. The hotel and bar are located at 1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037, 202 775-0800.

Now, I know you probably won’t go out and purchase truffles and a truffle shaver for macaroni and cheese, but you may want to consider adding a little bit of truffle oil to your milk, cream or sauce before you pour it over the macaroni before baking. I’d probably us 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon for a recipe.

You can keep truffle oil on hand and it does add tremendous flavor.

Maralyn D. Hill