In the fall issue of Flavor & The Menu, Steve Schimoler has written an article “Degree of Flavor.” It’s excellent at describing the importance of the temperature that you cook and serve various types of food.

Having known Steve since the early 90’s, he always has been able to explain his reasoning so easily. Steve’s article covers some great points:

  • Cheese offers up its full flavor when served at room temperature rather than chilled.
  • Ways to use unexpected temperature contrasts to heighten flavor, vary textures and delight guests.
  • How temperature affects ingredients, flavor and food interactions.
  • Match the room ingredients, like fruit, vegetables and cheese are best at room temperature.
  • Turn on the heat. Surprise diners with an unexpected jump in temperature as in hot vinaigrettes and sizzling croutons.

This is an easy article to read on-line and quite interesting. The nice thing about Flavor & The Menu, is it is geared towards restaurant owners and chefs. This publication is a favorite of The Hill Team. A subscription is expensive, but on-line it has a listing of all of its articles and mouth-watering photos. It provides an inside look at the trends in the food industry. Plus, you can download everything from current and past issues in PDF files.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Maralyn D. Hill

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