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Brenda and I prepared a Thanksgiving Dinner last August in order to get all the recipes together for a feature on BigBlendMagazine. You can follow the link to get the recipes for turkey, sweet potato dressing, green bean casserole, spiced pecans, tequila gravy, corn bread and cheesecake as well as Brenda’s special PAMA and Champagne. If I ever get the video edited, I’ll add it. I’ll try to get something done before Thanksgiving. It is a challenge with the video—not as easy as everyone says.

You can listen to the voice video of our Holiday Dinner Hints on Yodio. We are always trying to learn something new and Yodio is this week’s project. I’ll cover it more,later in the week, on our Success SLOG.

Hope you enjoy and your comments are always appreciated.

Culinarily yours,

Maralyn D. Hill
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