SIPS features PG’s famous bartender Sammy and his Lemocello Martini.

When I want a simple sip, not too sweet, to marry with fish or rich holiday temptations, I drive down the beach road to our favorite Island cafe’ called PG’s. The Hill Team takes Sam’s advice on cocktails, food and wine parings. Sam is not only a fine, professional bartender, but a legend on Longboat Key.

Sammy’s Lemocello Martini
Sammy makes his own Lemoncello, which is simply vodka and lemon liqueur. Sam prefers Grey Goose and adds the right mix, to order, of Meyer lemon 9:00. I like it 3 to one lemon, on the rocks, in a large martini glass, rimmed with sugar, and a thin slice of lemon, sometimes with mint as a festive garnish

Sammy’s special Lemoncello martini is the perfect beginning to a fresh seafood, and shellfish supper.

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