Cooking is fun! When ever the Hill Team is lucky enough to be in Seattle, we head straight to the Pike Market. We browse, taste, watch fish fly, buy flowers and special treats. On my last visit I was lucky to meet Kathy Casey, of local and world-wide fame. I could not stay for her cooking school, but will return. Kathy autographed a favorite little recipe book called Kathy Case Cooks. Her philosophy is the same as the Hill and the Big Blend Team.”As with all aspect of life, cooking should be fun and an enjoyable art – not a daunting task.” I have incorporated Kathy’s simple spread (sampled at the market) in many dishes.

Horseradish Spread


1/2 cup mayo (homemade or the best on the shelf)

1 tbs creamed horseradish

2 tsp grainy mustard


Mix together and spread on – whatever. Great on burgers, ham, fish, prime rib, roast beef and pastrami sandwiches, you name it.

Just love these simple tips from famous chefs.

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