Bone Suckin Ribs ( in the oven)

Maralyn and I love home cooking.
We once made many dishes “from scratch”.
However, sometimes there is a product so good that we say – why bother?
Bone Suckin Sauce is one of those better than grandmother’s sauces.

(Please note that the Tandem Tasters are not paid by any manufactures, nor are they aware of our compliments. We simply want to pass our fabulous finds on to our readers).

Bone Suckin Sauce 16 oz jar
Orange Juice, 12 oz.
Baby back pork ribs – about 5 pounds

Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
Mix a jar of Bone. Suckin Sauce with orange juice.
Put ribs in shallow pan and baste with sauce.
Cover with foil.
Cook 3 hours in 300 degree oven.
Raise oven temp to 350.
Cook 30 minutes uncovered at 350 degrees.
Baste again after 15 minutes.
Serves four.

We love this dish with a large bowl of crunchy cole slaw. It is a good
do – ahead company or family meal. Your kitchen will smell delicious.

Brenda C. Hill
International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association

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