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Pies, I have always loved pies. I like them as a dessert or for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as you can usually count on a pie being moist. Now, there are some pies that have reached a new level. Mari-Lyn Hudson has started making Adult Gourmet Pies and is marketing them through her company, Sedona Pies.

Mari-Lyn started baking a lot after watching the movie, “Waitress.” She shared her creations with friends and neighbors and they raved. Then, while visiting friends in San Francisco, they encouraged her to conduct a taste testing at their garage sale. She produced over 200 samples, she received accolades in return.

Since the sampling, Mari-Lyn has been selling pies, working on her website and continuing to make up recipes and samples for both friends and strangers and acquiring a team that will maintain the quality she has established. The pies are unique and consist of a combination of flavors and ingredients that produce interesting results.

Why are these called “Adult Gourmet Pies”? It is based on their ingredients. Mari-Lyn’s specialty is working with beer, wine and spirits that provide distinctive tastes to her fantastic creations.

Norm and I sampled three different varieties: Hello Mello – Merlot wine and Blueberries; Tart on the Beach – Grapefruit and Lime; and Naughty – Butter Pecan. It is not fair to pick a favorite, as all the fillings in each flaky pie crust were delicious. Of the three, I enjoyed the flavor of the Merlot with the blueberries, while the grapefruit and lime reminded me of Key lime with more of a kick. The pecan was just plain good. Norm’s favorites were the reverse of mine, but neither of us had trouble polishing them off. Thank goodness they were tarts and not whole pies.

I’m going to list the flavors, so you can see the creativity that has gone into her endeavor. There are many more I plan to sample in the future.

Beer: Lambric Beach – the filling is made from beer, citrus and blonde fruit; Viva 2 – beer and almonds; Tantalizing – beer and raisin or cranberries; and Manifesto – beer and apples.

Wine: Hello Mello –-Merlot wine and blueberries; Shenta – Shiraz, raspberries and chocolate; Passion -Chardonnay and raisins; and Zinfully Yours – White Zinfandel and peaches.

Liquors: Euphora – Sambuca and chocolate; Euphora 2 – Sambuca and coffee; Lee Lou – Grappa and orange citruses; and Am Me Two – Amaretto and walnuts.

Fruity: Astro Berry – blueberries; Sedona Spirit – apples; Tart on the Beach – grapefruit and lime; and Vortex BerryMarion< /st1:place> berries (seasonal based on availability).

Nutty: Naughty – butter pecan; Naughty on You – butter pecan and chocolate.

A new pie is introduced each month.

The ingredients for Mari-Lyn’s pies include: Vegetable shortening, maple syrup or honey, eggs, butter, brown sugar, wheat flour, fruits, nuts or spirits, vanilla and chocolate. She does not add preservatives.

All pies are made to order within 48 hours and shipped or delivered to your doorstep. When you want to try a pie that is extraordinary, you can call Sedona Pies at 510 564-7880 or e-mail your order to orders@sedonapies.com. Check out Sedona Pies website. The Sedona Pie Team looks forward to helping you and answering any questions you may have.

After you try one, let me know how you enjoyed it. Your comments are always welcome.

Culinarily yours,