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For many of us, grape stomps are something we’ve seen in the movies but not experienced. I know my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law take part in one every year at a friends vineyard in Nappa. But, here is one open to the public that you can enjoy in Escondido.

Linda Kissam of Kissam Consulting advised us of this upcoming event so you can plan ahead. “Orfila Vineyards and Winery annual, always-sold-out Grape Stomp takes place on Saturday, August 29, 2009 from 4 PM – 8 PM.

“The afternoon event celebrates the beginning of harvest — Old World style — with grape stomping in a gigantic five-foot barrel, full dinner buffet, dancing to live music, hay rides, wine tasting and winery tours — all for the price of $85.00 per person.

“Everyone attending can enjoy being part of an Italian-style grape stomp. It’s a great time for each person to connect personally with the grapes and salute Mother Earth as the grape juice swirls around their ankles and oozes between their toes.

“Former winemaker Leon Santoro came up with the idea for the grape stomp as a promotional event more than a decade ago. Current winemaker Don Reha says, ‘It’s a part of our history. I can’t wait to enjoy this tradition with our guests this year.’

“The 70-acre vineyard and winery has hosted the stomp every year since 1993,and every year more people want to participate. This year’s festivities is expected to sell out as usual with close to 400 people buying tickets for an afternoon of not only grape stomping, but tasting wine, hay rides, dancing and dinner.

“Media director Linda Kissam explains about the grape stomp, ‘This is an event that appeals to both men and women. Generally the women are a bit more adventurous at the beginning, but the men can and do hold their own quite well!’

“What happens to the stomped grapes? By law, the juice can’t be used for human consumption. The winery ends up using it as fertilizer.”

Tickets can be ordered by calling (800) 868-9463 (outside of San Diego County) or (877) 727-9463 (within San Diego County) or online at www.orfila.com.

This sounds fun.