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Cheese & Wine – Cream Cheese and Mascarpone

As I mention before, I go by my own palate. However, I’m always appreciative of suggestions and guidance in my journey of learning what pairs well with what.

The “Cheese & Wine Appreciation Guide,” distributed by the U.S. Dairy Export Council,provides a helpful guide for this effort. As my history and category post was paraphrased and quoted from this wonder source, this one will do the same.

Cream Cheese and Mascarpone go well with Semi-Sweet Sparkling Wines such as sparkling Muscat, Demi-Sec Champagne; Light Bodied Whites, Off Dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer from the Pacific Northwest or New York; Vidal Blanc, Cayuga White and Niagara from New York; Late Harvest Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Vignoles and Rkatsiteli; and Fruit wines from the Midwest.


Serve with plain or sweetened fruit, butter cookies, gaufrettes, ginger snaps, shortbread, vanilla wafers or other cookies. Fresh blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are exceptional. If you have herbed or savory varieties, serve with assorted vegetables, crudites or crackers for dipping.

Mascarpone and Sparkling Muscat

Try pairing Mascarpone with a Sparkling Muscat from California, served with shortbread and fresh raspberries. The light sweetness and intense floral aromas of the wine pair perfectly with the richness of this cheese.

I like to sprinkle some toasted slivered almonds on this cheese before serving.


Maralyn D. Hill, President
International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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