I love this elegant and simple dessert any time of year. Summer brings fresh ripe peaches, but this is an ideal winter holiday dessert for a party or intimate evening. If you cannot find fresh peaches, the frozen varieties are easy with excellent results.
After a rich and hearty holiday meal, try Peaches in Champagne for dessert.

I originally found this recipe in a book about France, published in the l970s. I still remember the recipe.

Peaches in Champagne or sparkling wine

6 ripe peaches or about 2 packages of frozen peaches, thawed
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 bottle of semi sweet, or semi dry sparkling wine
Place sliced, peeled and thawed peaches in a pretty glass bowl.
Add sugar and sparkling wine.
Chill for about two hours before serving.
You can make it two hours early, yet the bubbles keep their sparkle.
This serves the three Hills perfectly, but could serve four after a hearty meal.
If there are any wine marinated peaches left over, there won’t be, toss them in your oatmeal or pancakes the next morning. Or, add more champagne and have a Bellini cocktail for brunch.
Try a sprig of fresh mint for a garnish.

Brenda C. Hill
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