As some of you know, our blog posts are syndicated to I have read many, many posts on this fantastic site and discovered a blogger who has won me over with his talent and passion for creating wonderful dishes. He accomplishes this result by putting the right ingredients together to come up with simply delicious results.

Nick Roche, AKA NonChefNick, was born Dominique Roche in Paris, France. His love with the culinary arts developed after his first trip back to France at twenty. With his introduction to fine dining, Nick discovered the potential of natural ingredients.

That is something that Brenda and I know. When we visited Lyon last winter for Bocuse d’Or, an awareness of natural ingredients was more evident than ever. A trip through the Lyon market awakens one’s senses. It is easy to see why Nick was hooked.

Nick says, “When I returned to the States, I began teaching myself how to combine various foods and flavors and, through trial and error, began to create my own recipes.

Nick has kept expanding his horizons and enjoyed the fusion of French and Asian cuisine. He likes the melange of flavors and flair. Nick insists, “Anyone can become a wonderful nonchef in his/her own rights by following one simple rule, namely, understanding that simplicity will take the intimidation out of the kitchen and make you feel that there is nothing you can’t do.”

What does Nick do when he’s not in the kitchen–he creates new music. He is a pianist, singer and songwriter. He has the best of both worlds, juggling his two favorite passions. Nick is able to throw a great dinner party and entertain his guests at the same time.

We have featured Nick’s Purred Parsnips on the BigBlendMagazine. So, click here for the recipe.

Now, Brenda and I hope you have signed up to follow our blog with an rss feed or via e-mail follow, but we also want to suggest you visit NonChefNick’s blog to discover some of his gems. Let us know what you think.

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