I finally found it. A simple recipe for making my own cre’me fraiche. Yes, I can usually find it in my local market, but sometimes they run out. I prefer cre’me fraiche (French sour cream) to regular sour cream. This is how easy it is to prepare:

Cre’me Fraiche

1 cup of heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons buttermilk

Combine the two ingredients well in a glass jar with a cover.
Let mixture stand, covered, at room temperature for 8-24 hours, until thickened.

Note: For those of us who live in warm climates such as Arizona and Florida, set in a cooler spot than summer room temperature.

Cooks Tips

We love cre’me fraiche in many dishes that call for sour cream, or heavy cream.

Spinach, pea, chicken and baked potato soup come to mind on this cool night.

Use in place of milk or cream or add a dollop over soup, baked potatoes or chili.

We also like to add a touch of cre’me fraiche to our creamy goat cheese and chive scrambled eggs.

Cream cheese works well in scrambled eggs too. It keeps them hot, rich and creamy.

For an elegant brunch, top soft scrambled eggs with American caviar and a dollop of your homemade cre’me fraiche.

You will come up with your own creations for this simple recipe. Please let us know.

Brenda C. Hill
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