Last October 22, 2009, I reviewed Aequare Chocolate. Well, I’m doing an update. It was so great, it deserves an update. My original post is much more detailed and covers the full line and history.

The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) had a Conference at Sea in January 2010 and Aequare Chocolate was kind enough to provide us all with a 70% chocolate bar. It is as good as I remembered. I did not start it on the cruise ship, I waited until I got home and spreading each square out as an afternoon treat. Not sure how long that will last as I had two squares instead of one today.

A Chocolate Lovers Utopia

In short order, I was overwhelmed at how exceptional this Ecuadorian chocolate is in taste, flavor, aroma, presentation and desirability. It is a match for anything I’ve ever experienced.

Michelle Winner, Vice President of IFWTWA, also wrote an exceptional review of this product. If you are a true chocolate lover, I encourage you to read it.

Let’s move on to the bars:

Along with my samplers, we tasted a 70% Pure Arriba Cacao, 70% Pure Arriba Cacao with Lemongrass and a 55% Pure Arriba Cacao.
They were all exceptional, but I was personally partial to the hint of Lemongrass.

Norm, who generally prefers milk chocolate, liked all of these. But his preference was the 55% bar. He also did a good job on the small chocolates. He could not believe how much he enjoyed the darker chocolate flavor of Aequare Fine Chocolates.

Thank you Aequare for letting supporting IFWTWA with a wonderful pillow gift and treat.

You can order Aequare Fine Chocolates from the following websites:

Once you’ve experienced these exceptional chocolates, please let me hear your comments.

As a side note, on Where & What in the World, you will only find reviews for products we like. If they do not measure up to our standards, we choose not to take the time to write about them.

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