When the Hill Team meets on the green island of Kauai, we enjoy returning to our local restaurants, and then try and new cafes. We also like the night we stay in to barbecue fish or fix something simple in the oven.

A few months ago I got this simple recipe from a local I met at the farmer’s market.
I thought it might have too much soy sauce (shoyu) but it was delicious. There are dozens of variations, but I tried this one since the few ingredients were so easy to find.

Simple Shoyu Chicken
2 cups soy sauce – shoyu – we use the light,no or low salt variety
1 cup of sugar..the local use up to 1/1/2 cups
1-1/2 cups of water
2 cloves of garlic, peeled
4-5 lbs of fresh, plump chicken thighs

Put first four ingredients in a large pot, stir to mix.
Add chicken and cook on medium to low heat for about an hour or until chicken is tender and sauce has reduced.

I browned my thighs in some evoo first, even though this was not in the original recipe. I love the sight, sound and taste of the crispier golden browned chicken when braising in liquid.
This recipe makes enough for more than 6, plus planned-overs.
I served this with rice,a green salad.
Good pairings are lemonade, beer, or white wine.

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