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Ryley T. McGillis is Chef de Cuisine – Jasmine Porch at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort. We were able to spend some time at The Sanctuary the second week in April. What a treat. The chef has shared his recipe for Braised Pork and Buckwheat Pancakes.

Chef McGillis has managed various aspects of the restaurant for three years. Jasmine’s Porch is considered The Sanctuary’s signature dining experience as the focus is on Lowcountry traditions and cuisine.

Hailing from the state of Florida, Chef Ryley trained and graduated from both Le Cordon Bleu Academy and Florida State University. He has enjoyed a diverse exposure to food and developed a true appreciation. His personal favorite cooked items are simple, timeless, whole food dishes. His talent has contributed towards Jasmine Porch’s award-winning southern style offerings.

Chef Ryley gets involved with the community by taking part in the Taste of Charleston, Gourmet & Grapes, Ronald McDonald House Five Star Day, Charleston Stage Gala and Jasmine’s own Stones Throw Series.

These efforts have contributed to Chef Ryley and the team of Jasmine Porch support the regional farm and fishing resources community.
buckwheat pancakes.

Braised Pork and Buckwheat Pancakes

Braised Pork Butt
5 lbs Pork Butt, cleaned and portioned in to 3lb pieces
1/4-head celery
1/4-bulb fennel
1 ea leek
2 ea carrots
1 ea large yellow onion
4 ea garlic cloves
2 sprigs thyme
2 oz tomato paste
5 ea peppercorns
1 cups red wine
1/2 gallon chicken stock

Season the pork heavily with salt and pepper, dust with flour. Brown in oil.
Remove from pan and add next nine ingredients and cook until caramelized.
De-glaze with wine and reduce to one third.
Add jus and bring to a boil, add butts and cover with foil.
Cook at 350 degrees for 1 to 1-1/2 hours or until fork tender.
Remove butts, strain and return back to the pan.
Skim any excess fat and reduce until desired consistency.
Pour jus back over the butts and cool.

Buckwheat pancake batter
4-oz buckwheat flour
4-oz AP Flour
1-oz Cake flour
2-ea whole eggs, lightly beaten
2-cups buttermilk
1-tbl baking soda
1-oz sugar
1-tbs picked thyme leaves
1-oz figs, sliced
4-oz butter, melted
T& t salt and white pepper

Mix all wet ingredients.
In a separate bowl, mix all dry ingredients.
Mix the two together and blend thoroughly.

Sweet Potato “Hay”
1-ea sweet potato, peeled
2-cups frying oil @ 300 degrees
T& t salt and pepper

Cut sweet potatoes into matchsticks. 1/16″x 1″
Fry at 300 degrees until crisp.
Season to taste

Heat the pork in its braising liquid.
Pull the pork with your hands (shred).
Cook 3 pancakes in a pan or on a griddle.
Using a cookie cutter ( 3″ diameter) cut all the pancakes into uniform circles.
Place 2 oz of pork on two pancakes and layer them together.
Top with the remaining pancake.
Top with the fried sweet potatoes and drizzle with maple syrup.

Here is more information on The Sanctuary Chefs.

We’ll have a spa article later and will let you know when it is published.

Meanwhile if you want to see what is happening, check the Spring Activity Guide.

Jasmine Porch The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort Open seven days a week. Reservations recommended for dinner and Sunday Brunch Sunday Breakfast: 6:30 am to 10:15 am Lunch: 11:30 am to 2 pm Dinner: 5:30 pm to 10 pm Sunday Jazz Brunch Buffet 11:30 am to 2:00 pm Resort casual dress is appropriate, reservations are recommended. Call Leisure Services at: 843-768-6253

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