I’ve already written some about the Copper Canyon in Mexico. However, this post is linked to an in depth story that Norm and I did together for The Big Blend Magazine.

Train journeys are high on our priority list. Visiting the Copper Canyon was on our “someday” destination list.

Last fall, an opportunity arose with the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). Finally, we would experience this phenomenon first hand. It proved to provide exception memories.

If you would like to read our full story with numerous photos and a new video that is not the same as the one on YouTube, please click here.

If desired, you will also be able to listen to the radio interview on the Copper Canyon.

I’d welcome feedback from those who have not visited the Canyon as well as those who have.

We are quite fortunate as the Hill Team is made up of Norm, Brenda and me. We all write, sometimes separately, and other times in tandem.

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