Peter Island, BVI has been considered a utopian getaway on the wish list of many. It is private, intimate and in a pristine setting.

Much to my surprise, they have a private chef program along with their excellent onsite chef, Lisa Sellers. Guests may share private cooking classes, be ferried to neighboring island Tortola in order to purchase local ingredients for the evening fest to be prepared. They will have the opportunity to interact with Lisa as well as visiting guest chefs.

This program kicks off during the week of May 8-15 with Christoper Ivens-Brown.

I first interviewed Chef Chris in 2002 in Charlotte for a TV program I had, “Dishing with Carolina Chefs.” Between 2002 and 2006, we had many opportunities to be at the same events including a wonderful dinner he prepared for his “Cooking at Home” show on the rooftop deck of his condo.

The creativity, talent, and skill of Chef Chris is exactly what I’d expect for Peter Island. The only pleasant surprise is he is one of the hundreds of chefs I’ve interviewed. That is always a nice recall.

For anyone who can possibly attend this wonderful week, I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy. You can discover more information on the website listed below.

Here is a signature dish for Peter Island Resort:

Signature Dish for Peter Island
Lemongrass infused Shrimp, Green Papaya & Mango “Salad”
For 4 People
12 shrimp- size 16/20, peeled & devein
1 stick fresh lemongrass
Sea Salt & Freshly ground black pepper
1 ripe mango
1 green Papaya
½ Sweet red peppers
½ Sweet Green Peppers
Dried Mango slices
Dried Green Papaya Slices
A small pinch fresh Chilies
Extra virgin Olive Oil


Crush the lemongrass and chop, mix with shrimp & salt & Pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil cover and marinate for a few hours.

Finely chop mango, green papaya, peppers & mix, add chili and season to taste, bind with a small amount of mango puree.

Heat a sautéed pan, with olive oil, sear of the shrimp both sides, and cook, this will take about 3-4 minutes.

Arrange the mango & green papaya salad in a mold, place the shrimp on the plate, putting dried papaya & Mango slices in between the shrimp.

Garnish with Micro greens or arugula.

I’d encourage you to check out Peter Island at: or call 1-800-346-4451.

Peter Island has another guest chef scheduled for July.

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