The Tandem Tasters enjoy discovering unique off the beaten path gems by chance.

The Breakfast House, which also serves lunch is one of those special finds. The Breakfast House is in a sweet little yellow house with an outdoor terrace It is nearly hidden along a busy Sarasota road among industrial properties. It looked so inviting that I turned back to explore. An hour later I was swooning from their delicious food. Of course, by now most of our readers know that I have am a lobster lover, close to obsession.

Today I indulged in fresh Maine lobster for breakfast! Our Tandem Traveler and Taster teams will be savoring more lobster in Rockland , Maine, very soon in early June. I could not wait.

Since the chef at the The Breakfast House hails from Maine, no wonder he knew how lobster should taste. He also knows how to prepare a perfect poached egg. This sounds easy, but it is not. Then he topped it all with the touch of lemon in his homemade hollandaise. No wonder this little treasure was so busy on a weekday morning off season.

I will be returning soon, on purpose this time, to try the shrimp and grits, and to obtain a recipe or two and their new website for our culinary columns.

If you go, look for a yellow cottage with a white picket fence near downtown Sarasota at l817 Fruitville Road. 941-366-6860.

Brenda C. Hill
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