Molly’s Caprese Salad in Santa Barbara

Molly’s Caprese Salad in Santa Barbara

Maralyn and I, the Tandem Tasters, enjoyed our best caprese salad at Molly’s restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

Lucky us, Molly invited us into her kitchen to share her fresh whole–milk mozzarella imported from a village near Rome.

Caprese Salad


A bed of your favorite lettuce–we like Bibb.
Fresh, bright red, beefsteak tomatoes from your local farm, if possible
Whole milk mozzarella also called Buffalo mozzarella
Balsamic dressing


Arrange the tomatoes and cheese over the lettuce in an eye appealing way on a large platter or in a shallow bowl. We serve our dressing on the side so that each can add their own.


Drizzle a touch of extra virgin olive oil and some chopped basil or cilantro over the top of the salad if you wish.

This salad is an ideal lunch selection or as a side with a summer supper of meat, fish or pasta.

Our wine choices are a white wine spritzer, Italian Pinot Grigio, or Prosecco to reveal and enhance the bold balsamic flavor in this salad.

Brenda C. Hill
International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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2 Responsesto “Molly’s Caprese Salad in Santa Barbara”

  1. Carla says:

    I love Molly’s! I haven’t tried that salad yet, I’m not much of a salad eater, but I’ll definitely try it next time since you suggested it. Another great place for healthy food in Santa Barbara is Natural Cafe…amazing sandwiches and very fresh food. My husband and I try to visit that area at least once a year, but it is definitely a pricey city. We both love wine as well so we like to save money on our travel accommodations so we can splurge on great food and wine. Whenever we are in Santa Barbara we like to stay at The Sandman Inn ( on State Street. You should check it out and give it a review next time you are traveling in that area, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

    • Maralyn says:

      Hi Carla,
      Brenda went to Molly’s a quite a bit, when she lived there and introduced us when we visited. In addition to her food being good and her customers appreciating it, Molly is warm and friendly and greets everyone. I doubt one could go wrong with anything they ordered from her.

      I think I may have stayed at The Sandman Inn many years ago when traveling in that area ( before I was doing this type of writing). I’ll definitely check it out the next time we are in Santa Barbara. Brenda may know it already. We like to discover good inns and review them. Of course, we only review those we enjoy. But you may have noticed that on our blog. If we don’t enjoy somewhere, we don’t take the time to write about it. Plus, it may be right for someone else.

      Thanks for commenting. ~Maralyn

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