I have recently returned from a whirlwind trip throughout Switzerland. The west coast Hill Team is on their way to Switzerland with a group of IFWTWA travel journalists next month.

When I neared the Italian border, I knew I had to order one of my favorite Italian cocktails, the Negroni. I occasionally sip this old fashioned aperitif in a traditional U.S. hotel, yet, it seems to taste better in Europe. I believe that this refreshing bitter, sweet, and tart aperitif began in the lobby bar of the old Grand Hotel, a former 18th century palace in Italy.

If you try this at home, the ingredients can be found in most liquor stores. I like mine on the rocks (over ice).


Ingredients – one part each of your favorite brand



Sweet vermouth


Stir and strain into a tall, chilled rocks glass, filled with ice.

Garnish with a thin sliced wheel of an orange.


I prefer a bit more gin and a bit less of Capri and vermouth…experiment to taste.

A splash of cold club soda on top of your Negroni adds a fizzy kick.

In my favorite European bars they serve this aperitif with local, Briney,olives or salty, crunchy, nuts.

The Negroni, with only a few nibbles, is the perfect low alcohol sipper  (if you only have one) before a robust meal.