With this post, Inka is not writing about history. She is sharing one of her favorites–a Greek Salad. Thanks Inka, I know our readers will enjoy this simple, but delicious salad.
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I really enjoy doing these little pieces about food and what follows falls into the category: simple is often best..

Admittedly not being a great cook myself, I nonetheless enjoy reading recipes and some of the more complicated concoctions simply take my breath away with admiration.

On my recent 7 day Greek island hopping trip I had the good fortune to sample a dish which even I could prepare: a Greek salad. It consists of nothing more than tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, olives and goat or sheep cheese. But…the secret lies in the quality of the olive oil with which the whole dish is doused and the herb mixture which is sprinkled over it. One of the herbs is definitely thyme, the rest I couldn’t quite identify, but luckily herb mixtures can be bought in any self respecting Greek grocery shop. Beautifully arranged there is no better meal to quell hunger pangs on a hot Greek summer noon.

Thanks for sharing Inka. We always enjoy hearing from you.

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