I love writing new recipes from a place I have loved since the early 80s. Saska’s is a Mission Beach favorite in San Diego. For a foodie town, (actually a large city, but feels like a village to me) blessed with fantastic food and chefs, Saska’s remains our favorite.
Where to begin? For me, a  former food reviewer in New York City, and now a culinary writer, it is all about the taste. Saska’s has always satisfied and surprised, even after 25 years of drinking, dining and, yes, partying. Even when there is only two, on a relatively quiet, early Monday evening, Saska’s feels like a party. My son moved to San Diego from college, left to travel the world, and is now, lucky me, is back in this great California location.
To begin, the store-front, unassuming cafe looks and feels the same. when we enter, one of the owners, Mary or Tommy, from the same Saska family  I knew from many years ago, meets and greets us like old friends. The friendly and professional bar staff compels us to stop for a drink. Often, we stay perched at the bar through dinner as people we have known for years drop in and stay. When we choose to dine more formally, the cozy booths and excellent wait staff makes us feel right at home for the entire eveing.
I love steak, a real bone in, man sized,  rare and juicy steak. I love their healthy and colorful salad , with crumbled blue cheese, and fresh veggies, yet cannot resist the hot, creamy, real garlic mashed spuds. Although I usually partake in one of their local draft beers, Saska’s wine list is vibrant.
One warm August evening I tried the special, a fresh caught, rare, seared ahi…so good we returned two night later.
I asked for suggestions. Although I rarely order chicken (too easy to prepare at home) I went for it. Chef Bryan Hord outdid himself with his own recipe for “grilled chicken and angel hair pasta with sundried tomato and spincah cream sauce” – all of my favorite tastes lovingly combined in one great dish.
Here it is, Byran’s Chicken
For two- although I can eat the whole delicious dish.
2 skinless bonelss chicken breasts
1/2 lb angel hair pasta cooked
1/2 c  sundried tomatoes chopped
1/2 c fresh spinach chopped
2 oz butter
1tbs fresh garlic chopped
11/2 c heavy cream
To taste; white pepper, grated Parmesan, and chifgonade of fresh basil leaves
Melt butter and garlic in large sauté pan,.
Addtomatoes and spinach, sauté about 3 minutes until soft.
Add  cream and dash of pepper.
Cook about 4 minutes until thick and bubbly.
Place pasta on two plates-or one platter if this is for me.
Top with creamy mixture – add chicken on top.
Garnish with Parmesan and basil.
Even I can make this dish, but more fun to let Brian create it if you are near San Diego.
Go early to Saska’s, meet the locals at the bar, ask for the chef’s choice-it is all so consistantly, delicous after over 30 years.
Sign up for their newsletter to hear about  the many specials, such as free valet parking, and other  freebes, especially on your birthday.
I rarely mention price, but Saska’s is the place for great values in San Diego.