Here is another update as to what will be happening in Lyon when we are attending Sirha and Bocuse d’Or. As you can see, our schedule will be full of treats and delights.

Sirha, the world hotel and catering exhibition is 22 to 26 January 2011, Eurexpo Lyon, France

In the framework of its agreements with Europain, Sirha is making changes to its Bakery and Pastry-making sector, which is to become the National Bakery Show. The sector is being extended, and will occupy a 25% larger floor area.Intersuc, a quality brand name familiar to Europain visitors, will bring together the Confectionery and Chocolate-making sectors.

Over the last few shows Sirha’s Bakery sector has grown strongly, presenting a comprehensive range that affirms its vitality and creativity. This trend will now be reflected in a major event: from 22 to 26 January 2011 the National Bakery Show and Intersuc will take place at the heart of Sirha in the Bread Trends Area, which will host two professional contests: the Louis Lesaffre Cup – the European selection event for the Bakery World Cup – and the French Bakery Cup.

The bakery sector will hence enjoy an even higher profile at the heart of Sirha2011: it is so vibrant that every inch of exhibition space devoted to baking and pastry-making has already been reserved!

Competitions demonstrating the trade’s vitality and skills

Sirha’s Bread Trends area will hence set the stage for a number of professional competitions showcasing bakers’ know-how and the tremendous range of breads baked around the world. Bringing together professionals from many countries with a shared passion for bread, these contests provide proof – as if any was needed – that baking is a universal art form.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup, European selection event for the 2012 Bakery World Cup

Saturday 22, Sunday 23 and Monday 24 January 2011

Sirha will host a flagship international event in the form of the 3rd Louis Lesaffre Cup, the European final of the Bakery World Cup. This contest brings together teams from 12 European countries and is part of a complete cycle of national and continental selection rounds that will culminate in the 2012 Bakery World Cup during the Europain exhibition. Participants will compete in three categories: loaves, Viennese pastries and artistic pieces. For the sake of coherence between the two events, this prestigious, internationally renowned competition will replace the Mondial du Pain.

The French Bakery Cup

Under the aegis of the Maison de la Boulangerie du Rhône

Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 January 2011

The French Bakery Cup is perfectly at home at Sirha. It shines a spotlight on France’s most talented up-and-coming youngsters and is considered to be the country’s top event in its field. The tenth competition will put six teams through their paces, each comprising three candidates specialising in loaves, Viennese pastries or artistic pieces. 

Bread, at the heart of foodservice trends

Sirha, the world hotel and catering exhibition, features all branches of the foodservice industry and is the meeting place for talent presenting culinary trends from around the world. So it is no mere coincidence if more and more bakery trade professionals have been attending in recent years.

The bakery sector is dynamic and innovative, thanks to the skills and creativity of its craftsmen. In diversifying their product range they have made bread fashionable and perfectly suited to new eating habits – eating on the go in particular.

The nutritional value of bread also makes it an essential part of a balanced meal. A valuable health food, it is now available in a wide range of flavours (cereals, figs, walnuts, olives, etc.), shapes and types (white, traditional, wholemeal, sourdough, bran, etc.) to suit all tastes.

Sirha, the vibrant bakery trade’s perfect showcase to the world

Bread is baked all over the world and has a natural place at the heart of Sirha – a melting pot of ideas, the forum where trends are unveiled, and the international showcase for the latest innovations.

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