Green onions or scallions is a tasty favorite of ours in recipes and to add to our grilled chiken, fish or meat.

Although we food blog regularly, we enjoy reading other food writers suggestions and recipes. This quick one is from


16 large green onions
Kosher salt


Grill washed and trimmed onions (covered with aluminum foil) over medium high heat, turning frequently.
Cook until white bulbs are brown.
Remove from heat.
Squeeze lime on top and sprinkle with salt to taste.

I tweeked the recipe by grilling over charcoal and did not use the foil. I also substituted sea salt for kosher with great results.

With room left on my grill I added fresh tomatoes and some firm lettuce wedges drizzled with evoo to the grill. The result was a surprising warm and crunchy salad.

renda C. Hill

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