Since the Tandem Tasters will be attending this, I wanted you to share what an exciting event it is.

The 20 candidate countries announced at last!

on January 23rd and 24th 2011,

Part of the Sirha, worldwide event for Hotel Catering and Food professionals

to be held, 22-26 January 2011, at Eurexpo Lyon

After the national and international selection events that have been held over the past two years throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America, we finally know who will be the 20 teams that will be participating in the World Pastry Cup on January 23rd and 24th, 2011 in Lyon.

20 teams composed of a pastry Chef, a chocolate specialist and an ice-cream maker, to demonstrate three times more skills and know-how. Their challenge will be to express and to defend their culinary and cultural heritage and to promote the latest trends in their respective countries. 20 different approaches and visions of “the dessert”, 20 different ways of expressing demonstrating their skills in an artistic manner facing a live audience.

Under the presidency of Gabriel Paillasson, its founder, the World Pastry Cup will have two honorary presidents for its 2011 edition: Usuke Takahashi and Kazuaki Takaï. These professionals of international repute are the presidents of the two most important Japanese professional associations and attest to the openness of the contest to pastry art to all horizons of the world.

The very best of international pastry represented by 20 trios

From the Top 7**

South Korea
United States

International Dessert Award

(Paris Mars 2010)
United Kingdom
Morocco (Wild Card)

Asian Pastry Cup

(Singapore April 2010)

Copa Maya
(Mexico September 2010)





Uruguay (Wild Card)

* Countries from the top 7 of the two previous editions

* France is also in the Top 7 but cannot compete as it was the winner of the last edition 2009

Over its twenty years of existence, the World Pastry Cup has elevated Pastry to the status of an art in its own right. The spectacular creations masterfully prepared by the different teams over the years attest to this.

From the stands, the public will witness of a wide range of international artistic tastes. The association of three expert skills – pastry, chocolate and ice-cream making- reinforced with a strong team spirit, reveals the best trends of the moment. In addition to France, winner of the 2009 edition, which can therefore not participate in the 2011 edition, other nations such as Japan, Italy, Belgium and the United States have also contributed to the great diversity of the contest winners.

Pleasure for the palate and for the eyes

Three chocolate desserts, three frozen fruit desserts, an ice sculpture, a chocolate sculpture, a sculpture made of drawn sugar and a dessert on a plate. Those are the pieces that the teams will be required to prepare.

After a ten hour race against the clock, the winning team will be the one that will have achieved the perfect blend of flavours and textures, combining them with the aesthetic and artistic talent that lie at the heart of the pastry trade.

A crossroad of worldwide pastry trends

Under the presidency of its founder, Gabriel Paillasson, with Usuke Takahashi and Kazuaki Taka , as honorary presidents, the World Pastry Cup 2011 will bring together the most talented professionals of the planet for a festival of talent and creativity.

With its many techniques designed to serve both flavours and artistic talent, the World Pastry Cup is akin to a “laboratory of trends” where the best expertise and skills in the trade are demonstrated.

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