The Hill Team was enchanted with the awesome Alabama sunsets along the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Each evening after strolling along the sugar white sands the sky turned from blue to gold. Then we watched a tangerine sun sink into a deep crimson sky. By now we were floating in our bubbling hot tub on the terrace of Turquoise Place. I was inspired to create a cocktail from fresh local ingredients in honor of the Alabama sunset.


1/2  part orange juice
1/2  part grapefruit juice
1/4 -1/2 part 100% Pomegranate juice
1-1/2 parts coconut rum


Pour orange, grapefruit juice and rum into a small glass pitcher or tall glass. Slowly add the pomegranate juice so it sinks like the sun.


If you are in Alabama (or Florida) you can pick the ripe fruits right off the trees. We use only fresh juices, except for the Pomegranate. We like POM Wonderful 100% juice.

You can vary the above ingredient amounts somewhat to taste with good results and varying shades of sunsets. I experimented in the spirit of research. For a lighter and more tart drink, use only grapefruit. For deeper color, pour in more o.j. or pomegranate. Or top with a splash of dark or amber rum.

This cocktail needs no garnish, but I like sprigs of mint, an orange wheel or a cherry.

We raise our glasses to the many people who made us feel so welcome and comfortable along the shores of Orange Beach/Gulf Shores, Alabama.