Since I’m off to Melbourne in February, 2011, I keeping track of what’s happening in Australia. The food scene is exploding. I wanted to share this list. Having produced and hosted a TV show that earned highest video on demand, I can appreciate the pride these deserving writers are experiencing. Congratulations to all of you and I hope to meet some of you.

Full list of winners and highly commended of the Australian Food Media Awards 2010

1. Simon Johnson Award for Best Food Related Book Category Sponsor

Highly Commended: Christine Manfield for “Fire”, published by Penguin Books (Australia)

Winner: Stephanie Alexander for “Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion”, published by Penguin Books (Australia)

2. AAFP Award for Best Recipe Book Over $40

Highly Commended: Paul Allam & David McGuinness for “Bourke Street Bakery”, published by Murdoch Books

Winner: David Herbert for “The Really Useful Cookbook”, published by Penguin Books (Australia) Award for Best Recipe Book Under $40

Highly Commended: Donna Hay for “No Time to Cook”, published by HarperCollins Australia

Winner: Valli Little for “delicious. Faking It”, published by HarperCollins Australia

3. Porkstar Award for Best Cookery Book by a Chef or Restaurant

Highly Commended: Neil Perry for “Balance and Harmony”, published by Murdoch Books

Winner: Luke Nguyen for “The Songs of Sapa”, published by Murdoch Books

4. Sydney Markets Award for Best Health or Specific Diet Book

Highly Commended: Jude Blereau for “Wholefood for Children”, published by Murdoch Books AND Trudy Williams for “this = thatchildsize, published by Trudy Williams Nutrition and Dietetics Pty Ltd

Winner: Joanna McMillan Price for “Inner Health Outer Beauty”, published by Random House

5. Good Food & Wine Show Award for Best Food & Wine Writing

Highly Commended: Rob Ingram for “Food for Thought”, published in Country Style

Winner: Will Studd & Max Allen for “Ultimate Indulgence”, published in Australian Gourmet Traveller

6. AAFP Award for Best Food Article

Highly Commended: James McCormack for “The Fresh Idea”, published in Men’s Health

Winner: Simon Thomsen for “Chinese Whispers”, published in Travel + Leisure  Australia

7. Regal King Salmon Award for Best Food Section within a Newspaper

Highly Commended: Good Living, published in The Sydney Morning Herald

Winner: Eat Drink, published in The (Sydney) Magazine, The Sydney Morning

Best Food Section in a Regional Newspaper

Highly Commended: Taste O, published in Central Western Daily

Winner: Food and Wine, published in The Canberra Times

8. Lion Nathan Australia Award for Best Recipe in a Newspaper or Newspaper Magazine

Highly Commended: : The food editorial team of Good Weekend – Guillaume Brahini, Cath Claringbold, Terry Durack, Matthew Evans and Andrew McConnell
– for “The Big Crunch”

Winner: Dani Valent for “Kids in the Kitchen”, published in Sunday Life, The Sun Herald

9. The Judy Hirst Memorial Award for Best New Writer – supported by Meat & Livestock Australia

Highly Commended: Rachel Lebihan for articles published in The Australian Financial Review

Winner: Carli Ratcliff for articles published in Good Living, The Sydney Morning Herald

10. AAFP Award for Best Food-based Website

Highly Commended: Margot Phillipson, Poh’s Kitchen,

Winner: Melissa Kolc, Sydney Markets Limited,

11. Australia Pork Award for Best Blog

Highly Commended: Jules Clancy, The Stone Soup,

Winner: Trina So, The Gourmet Forager,

12. Ocean Spray Award for Best Nutrition Writing

Highly Commended: Tara Ali for “Dr You”, published in Women’s Health

Winner: Jennifer Pinkerton for “Eve Was Right”, published in Prevention

13. Dairy Australia Award for Best Food Article on an Australian Product or Australian Culinary Tourism

Highly Commended: Richard Cornish for “Turning a New Leaf”, published in Epicure, The Age

Winner: Matthew Evans for “Bait to Plate”, published in The (Sydney) Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald

14. AAFP Award for Best Magazine Recipe Features

a) Best Mass Market Weekly Magazine Recipe Features

Winner: Woman’s Day

b) Best Home and Lifestyle or General Interest magazine Recipe Features
Winner: Better Homes and Gardens

c) Best Food, Food & Wine or Travel Magazine Recipe Features

Winner: Donna Hay Magazine

d) Best Mass Market Food Magazine Recipe Features

Winner: BBC Australian Good Food

15. AAFP Award for Best Recipe Writing in Advertising

Highly Commended: Jacqueline Mooney, Lucy Kelly and Tracey Meharg for “Sweet Nothings”, published in Weight Watchers

Winner: Annette Forrest for Sydney Markets seasonal recipe card collection

16. AAFP Award for Best Print Food Advertisement

Highly Commended: News Magazines Creative Services for “Bake and Create” with Arnotts, published in various News Magazines titles

Winner: News Magazines Creative Services for “Show Stopper” and “Golden Age”, Milel advertorial campaign, published in Donna Hay and delicious.

17. Kenwood Award for Best Food Stylist/Best Food Photographer

Highly Commended: Steve Pearce and Mikkel Vang for images published in Donna Hay

Winner: Justine Poole and Chris Court for images published in Donna Hay

18. Sizzler Award for Best Television Food Segment – The Bernard King Award

Highly Commended: Erik Dwyer, executive producer, and Matthew Evans, presenter, of “Gourmet Farmer”, SBS Television

Winner: Erik Dwyer, executive producer, and Sean Connolly, presenter, of “My Family Feast”, SBS Television

19. Le Cordon Bleu Award for Best Investigative Food Journalism

Highly Commended: Simon Thomsen for “Fairtrade Plays the Conscience Card”, published in The Weekend Australian Magazine

Winner: Will Storr for “The Kangaroo Files”, published in Good Weekend

20. Alfa One Rice Bran Oil Award for Best Radio Food Segment

Highly Commended: Barbara Lowery and Tony Delroy for “Citrus Fruits”, broadcast on Night Life, ABC Radio

Winner: Victoria Hansen for “Bitesize Cooking”, vignettes broadcast daily on 50 radio stations nationally

21. Award for Best Overall Contribution to the Communication of Food

The winner: Kate McGhie

22. SAXA People’s Choice Award

Winner: your mother

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