The Tandem Tasters, Maralyn D. Hill and Brenda C. Hill, will be attending Bocuse d’Or again in January and we are delighted to cover this amazing event and everything that surrounds it.

25-26 January 2011

This is held as part of the Sirha, the international Catering and Hotel trade exhibition to be held from 22 to 26 January 2011, at Eurexpo Lyon, France.

It is no coincidence that the Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious cooking contest in the world, is held in France, in Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. Yet, although Europe has often been represented on the podiums, the opening of the event to other continents has revealed new nations and new talents.

On January 25th and 26th 2011, after eighteen months of international selection events, the 24 best Chefs of the moment will demonstrate their art before an audience of enthusiasts. Using identical products, the candidates will draw on their personality, their experience, their cultural and culinary heritage, their technique and creativity, in order to present their vision of the ideal dish, reflecting the current trends in their respective countries.

In the presence  of Yannick  Alleno,  Honorary President (3* Chef at the Meurice,  Silver Bocuse 1999), also of  Geir  Skeie,  President of the International Jury  (Bocuse  d’Or  2009) and of course, of Paul  Bocuse, President founder, the 24 finalists will present their creations before a jury composed of emblematic chefs from each participating country.

When tradition sets the trend

After having experienced futuristic and sophisticated cooking, consumers are returning to a simpler form of cooking that leaves ample room for flavours and quality products. Consumers want to be reassured. They want to recognise what they have in their plates and to renew with subtle, yet clearly identifiable flavours. Thanks to these consumers, authentic cooking and natural flavours have become very popular.

The International Organisation Committee of the Bocuse d’Or has taken into consideration this return to simplicity and to true flavours. As a result of the attention paid to this recent trend, Scottish lamb -the official meat for the Bocuse d’Or 2011- is PGI certified (Protected Geographical Indication), European quality label.

Also, for this edition, after 5 hours 35 minutes preparation, the candidates will present a re-composed saddle of lamb. Both the visual and gustative identification of the products will be an important aspect to be taken into consideration by the jury.

24 of the most talented international chefs of the moment

Quite naturally established in France, in Lyon, in the heart of a gastronomic region of worldwide repute, from one edition to the next, the Bocuse d’Or has broadened its horizon, revealing gastronomic talents and trends from throughout the world, thanks to the continental selection events held in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

After eighteen months of a worldwide selection process, in which hundreds of chefs competed as part of 56 national selection events and 3 continental selections, 24 of the most talented international chefs in the world will meet for the final event in Lyon, on 25th and 26th January 2011:

Argentina Germany Norway
Australia Guatemala Poland
Belgium Iceland Spain
Canada Indonesia Sweden
China Italy Switzerland
Denmark Japan United Kingdom
Finland Malaysia United States
France The Netherlands Uruguay

Certain countries stood out In the course of the selection process, such as Denmark – winner of the Bocuse d’Or Europe; Malaysia -a 100% feminine team- winner of the Bocuse d’Or  Asia; and  Guatemala  which, in addition to having won the Bocuse d’Or Latin America – the Copa  Azteca – signs its first participation in the Bocuse d’Or.

This new edition of the Bocuse d’Or will mark the return of “historical” countries such as Germany, Belgium and Italy. And also the participation of new challengers such as Indonesia and Poland – after 16 years of absence – who will undoubtedly add a fresh impetus to this new edition.

The latest international culinary trends on show

24 chefs, 24 nations, 24 different ways to consider the same products: Scottish monkfish, for the fish dish, and Scottish lamb PGI, for the meat dish.

To express their talent and their uniqueness when creating their original recipes, the candidates will draw upon their cultural and culinary heritage, their technique and their creativity, also on their personality and their experience.

In order to make the difference, using identical products, they will need to plan their strategy, opting for a safer path by keeping to the mandatory pieces (saddle, shoulder, kidneys) or betting on creativity by introducing optional ingredients to their recipes (sweetbreads, tongue). In an attempt to save a few precious minutes, to prefect their presentations, some candidates might even go so far as to invent new techniques and movements.

This vast laboratory for tastes and techniques makes it possible to demonstrate concrete applications for the catering professions, where the equation between excellence in quality, innovation and the time factor has to be solved on a daily basis.

Innovative or traditional, each of the dishes will be an expression of the latest trends in taste and presentation style of each country.

A jury composed of the elite of international gastronomy

To judge the 24 candidates, illustrious and prestigious professionals: Paul Bocuse, President Founder, Yannick Alleno, Honorary President (3* Chef at the Meurice, Silver Bocuse 1999) and Geir Skeie, President of the International Jury (Bocuse d’Or 2009). A jury composed of 24 influent and emblematic Chefs who are all at the top of the culinary trend in their respective countries.

Note also that this new edition of the Bocuse d’Or will be held for the first time in a recently built area worthy of the contest:  the Paul Bocuse Hall (10 500 m² and stands boasting a capacity of 1500). The Chefs’ Area that will host the Bocuse d’Or will cover no less than 8’000m².

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