Nina Fogelman’s love and devotion for Peru is a result of her 25 years immersion into the authentic cultures of the country. With the creativity of a visionary and the elegance of an artist, she has designed and guided private visits for distinguished guests for years. Film producers, respected anthropologists, and philanthropists have traveled on her exclusive custom-designed tours.

Seeing Peru from Nina’s perspective is an event by itself. It is becoming her friend, a friend of her friends, as well as feeling her enthusiasm to save the indigenous cultures of this ancient country.

Besides the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the city of Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire, and the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, endless local and truly authentic experiences await the Ancient Summit patrons. Visiting with us is not just a chance to photograph magnificent panoramas and stunning monuments. This is also an opportunity to learn through legends, mystery temples and amazing architecture about one of the greatest civilizations of the Americas – the Incas. An experience that will open a window to the past and to a better understanding of the sophisticated ideas behind this highly advanced culture.

Savoring the Andean cuisine – from the traditional delicacies to the novo-Andean fusion, is one of the best gourmet experiences in the Western Hemisphere. During this exclusive visit, Ancient Summit travelers will have the chance to meet Nina’s favorite chefs in well-established restaurants, as well as to taste the traditional home cooking in the private residence of Nina’s closest friends. A well known Peruvian artist and his wife, who is a gourmet cook and amazing hostess, will offer a feast of freshly prepared food, friendly conversation and lasting memories.

Part of this unique tour and one of the most touching experiences is the visit to a local village, hidden well off the tourist track, and an exclusive of Ancient Summit tours. Passionate about the preservation of its culture and fostering education, Nina is very reluctant to promote the village as a tourism destination. Only Ancient Summit patrons and volunteers have access to the village. During this journey, the travelers will have the chance to meet villagers and experience first-hand their unique culture and way of life. This way, each Ancient Summit patron is contributing to the sustainability and progress of the Sacred Valley’s indigenous people.

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