“Vegetables are the food of the earth; fruit seems more the food the heavens.”–Sepal Felicvant

The Hill Team and Tandem Tasters thoroughly enjoy shopping for produce at their local farmers’ markets. I will always remember my day at the Santa Barbara market, when Julia Child and I were reaching for the same plump Clementine. We both laughed.  I let her have it . How I miss her.


Now I live within 10 miles of over l0 farmers’ markets. My favorite, just around the corner, is the Phillippi Farmhouse Market. It is busy every Wednesday from November to April, complete with palm and fruit trees, washrooms, easy parking, homemade food for breakfast or lunch, and innovative live music.(scgov.net).

I learned these 10 good reasons to buy locally grown from a market I visited in September near Gloucester, on Cape Ann, Ma.

Locally grown food…tastes and looks better, supports local families, builds trust, builds community, preserves open space, keeps taxes down, benefits the environment and wildlife, makes a lighter carbon footprint, preserves genetic diversity and is an investment in our future. I will add  that everything I buy fresh from the source looks, feels, smells, and tastes delicious – for a value price.