Nearly a year ago, a new little treasure near Siesta Key Beach was almost a secret. Food and Wine editor for Sarasota Magazine, John Bancroft, hesitated to write about it. I know how he feels.  I want to walk in without reservations or having to wait.

However, the word is out. Chef and food writer,Judi Gallagher highly recommended Andreas. We seem to have the similar tastes, especially when
it comes to pork belly. This summer the small cafe was full of local regulars. Now visitors and snowbirds flock to Andrea’s.

The Hill Team enjoyed  delicious veals chop at the Mountain House in the California bay area near San Francisco over a decade ago. Finally, I found one as good and as generous lovingly prepared by Chef Andrea. He paired the veal with roasted red potatoes and a subtle veal sauce with homemade pancetta. On my first visit he greeted me and treated me like a friend. The two wines I ordered by the glass, one French and one Italian, perfectly complimented the veal chop and cheeses I devoured for dessert.

This week is a special celebration for out family. This time I will make reservations for the popular Sarasota favorite. I may try his Prosecca bubbly and another veal dish, saltimbocca with sage. I am sure it will  “jump in my mouth.”

Chef-owner Andrea Bozzolo.
2085 Siesta  Key Drive, Sarasota

9941) 951-9200