Sirha and Bocuse d’Or, World Trends take Center Stage

Sirha and Bocuse d’Or, World Trends take Center Stage

Maralyn and I are thrilled to participate in Sirha and Bocuse d’Or in January of 2011, in Lyon France. This is where and when the world trends take center stage.

Over 1000 journalists from over 130 countries will attend. The 2000 exhibitors, featuring the latest trends from hotel and catering professionals, have named the USA as guest of honor.

While attending this 5 day non-stop marathon of contests, demonstrations and events, we will have many learning opportunities. Although there are are over 10,000 chefs from over 130 countries, we were able to speak to many renowned chefs, including Paul Bocuse, personally in 2009. Since we published a book about chefs from around the world, this is a special thrill for us.

Keeping up to date, and ahead of the curve with the latest innovations in food, wine and coffee, as well as eco-design, is quite a challenge.

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  1. That sounds like an amazing event! Lucky that you get to go… I’d love to know it all before the general public! 🙂

    • Maralyn says:

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for commenting. We are lucky. When we went in 2009, Brenda and I figured we’d only go one time. We were hooked. It’s so exciting the the exhibitors are the best of the best and on the leading edge in the hospitality industry. In addition, our good friend, Master French Chef Herve Laurent, introduces us to all of his contacts. Since he was Master chef at Le Cordon Bleu in London several years and then at the Bocuse Institue for six years, his inside track is just plain fun. I can’t say we know it all, but we come away with out heads spinning with new ideas and thoughts.

      If you like to check out trends, Flavor & the Menu is a great source. It comes out monthly with a wealth of knowledge. Brenda’s daughter, Robin, is one of its regular contributors and we know Steve well. I think you would enjoy it.


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