The “Cheater Chefs” featured on the Big Blend Magazine gave me a festive new drink Idea. This is a Mexican twist on the classic bloody Mary. Micheladas would be fun for Superbowl Sunday – or anytime!

Since I love Mexico and bloody Mary’s,
this drink adaptation is a great find.


Combine two parts tomato juice or bloody Mary mix to one part, or more, of Mexican beer.

Add lime or lemon juice, hot sauce, and Worcestshire sauce to taste.

Serve in a tall glass over ice.

We like to rim the glass with celery salt.

Because of our happy times in Tecate, Mexico, we suggest Tacate beer. The ratio of beer to juice and condiments is up to you. I enjoyed experimenting. An optional green bean or chili pepper for garnish adds some more heat. The beer adds bubbles to make this a festive cocktail choice at a party.

We like guacamole or bean dip and taco chips with this drink.