We were all in the mood for a different St. Patrick’s Day libation. Even though we write a column called “Cheers,” it is fun to check what others write. This year, since we are in balmy Florida and Arizona, we looked for an iced cocktail.

This was so taste tempting, I wanted to share what
suggests for the holiday, wherever you may live.

If it is still snowing, just add a few drops of Bailey’s to your hot coffee to warm up your day. If you want a new, cool brunch treat, try this one.

Apple Irish Coffee


1  3/4 ounces iced coffee
1/2 ounce 100 proof Apple Brandy
1/2 ounces  Bailey’s Original Irish Cream
1/2 ounce Yellow Chartreuse


Fill a rocks glass with ice.
Pour the rest of the ingredients over the ice.
Garnish with a lemon twist, if desired.