The Palmaire Cocktail from Beckett’s Table in Phoenix

The Palmaire Cocktail from Beckett’s Table in Phoenix

Beckett's Table Bar - photo M D Hill

When we had dinner with Doug MacKenzie and Trish Henderickson at Beckett’s Table in Phoenix, we had such a nice time and good food. Beckett’s features community tables as well as smaller ones. The menu is available online. It was terrific that the bartender shared a favorite drink.

The Palmaire

This drink reflects the memory of our first home on Palmaire in Central Phoenix. Lemon and grapefruit trees peppered the yard during the spring while Pomegranate ran amuck along our west wall every winter. Each season we would harvest the pomegranate for their tart seeds and sweet juice. Winter salads, baked goods and of course homemade cocktails became a perennial, magenta-infused staple.

Glass: Collins – Tall
Garnish: Pomegranate Seeds & Mint (Holiday colors baby!)

2 oz Ketel One Oranje Vodka
1 oz Pomegranate Liquor
1 oz Fresh Pomegranate Juice
1 tbs House-Made Honey Syrup
1 oz House-Made Lemonade
2 oz Soda

Notes: Pour Ketel One Oranje into MIXING glass full of ice; add pomegranate liquor, pomegranate juice, honey syrup, and lemonade. Cover and shake vigorously, pour contents into COLLINS glass, add soda and garnish.

If you want a good cocktail and a relaxing atmosphere, try.

Beckett’s Table

602-954-1700 | 3717 E. INDIAN SCHOOL RD., Phoenix, AZ



2 Responsesto “The Palmaire Cocktail from Beckett’s Table in Phoenix”

  1. Brenda Hill says:

    As you know I love searching the world
    for delicious drinks. This one sounds outstanding.
    I enjoy the story too. On my next visit, let’s all go!

  2. Maralyn says:

    That sounds good to me. We might even be able to get Doug to go with us.

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