We made these French style eggs today in an old farm home kitchen in chilly New England. The daffodils were poking up through the melting snow.

Maralyn and I love this method of scrambling eggs. With advice from Ina Garten and Edible Boston, we keep perfecting our technique.

Ingredients for 2 servings

3 very fresh farm eggs, lightly beaten
1 tbs sweet (unsalted) butter
I green spring onion (scallion),chopped
1-2 cups chopped spring greens, such as pea shoots, watercress, baby spinach, mustard tops
1 tbs creme fraiche or/and cream cheese
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper and paprika to taste

Exact measurements do not matter. Slow cooking does.


It is important to have all ingredients ready before you begin.
Melt butter on low heat in a non-stick pan.
Soften scallions and add the greens, folding until slightly wilted.
Pour eggs into pan over low heat.
Gently stir, keeping them soft.
Before they are done add creme fraiche, and/or cream cheese.
Stir gently to keep them soft.
Remove from heat. They will continue to cook.
Season at once and serve while hot, before they become firm.

Maralyn and I usually add the cream cheese to make them more hot and creamy.

We garnish with a few fresh scallions,  paprika, or both.

We like these eggs with a croissant, toast or English muffin.

Brenda C. Hill

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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