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Dream Foods Volcano Lemon Burst - Photo B C Hill

Making Lemonade from Volcano Lemon Burst
What a great product. Volcano Lemon Burst delivers a squirt of lemony flavor to brighten food and drinks. I am spoiled by having a lemon and lime tree on my property. When my trees are not blooming, I miss the taste of fresh lemons. I know there are substitutes, yet I know the difference.  Volcano is not made from concentrate.
Thank you IFWTWA for discovering and sharing this organic lemon juice.
When I first tried organic Volcano Lemon Burst, sprinkled on a shrimp, I know I had found something as good as my own fresh lemons. The shrimp tasted like freshly grated zest. Now I add a few drops to soups, salads, fish and cocktails.
Tonight I made a refreshing summer drink for neighbors, my Volcano lemonade and vodka with a sprig of mint. They were certain I had used fresh picked or farm market lemons. I showed them the label and learned that Volcano Lemon Burst is imported from Italy. No wonder.
For recipes visit www.dreamfoods.com
Phone: 1-877-9volcano