This perfect Manhattan is a drink I enjoyed while gazing at snow capped mountains with the  IFWTWA writer’s conference in Alaska. Jason, a mixologist with Holland America on the ms Westerdam, at the popular Crow’s Nest, gave me a few cocktail lessons, while on board. I learned about how to stir the proper ingredients perfectly, and which small bites paired best with spirits.

Since our team is working on our book called Cheers, I am eager to learn more about the art of the cocktail. Although I enjoy the classics, such as martinis or Manhattans, I am anxious to know more about the pairing of spirits with food.

This week I head west to California to attend The Flavor Experience, a culinary conference in California. Two of the seminars I will attend are called The Best in Beverages and A Taste of the 2011 Trends. These presentations will feature custom created cocktails by popular mixologists. There will also be an introduction of new wine varietals and innovative flavors in the growing beer experience.

What’s In My Glass? I will soon find out when Jack Robertiello addresses the many flavors and aromas from fruit, flowers, herbs and spices. Jack is a well-known beverage writer with Drinks Ink.

Jason’s Perfect Manhattan

For Jason’s perfect manhattan mix your favorite bourbon with a touch of sweet and dry vermouth with ice in a Boston Shaker. Gently stir and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a twist if you like. it is not traditional, but I add a few drops of orange bitters to my drink. Perfect.

Brenda C. Hill

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