Thanks to a sudden and severe summer thunder, lightening and heavy rain storm, I was forced to finish my grilled ribs in the over. They were delicious. After getting a good sear on my 3 racks of baby pork ribs on both sides, I brought them inside and preheated my oven to 350.

Skipping the bottled barbecue sauce I had planned for the grill, I put the following ingredients in a bowl as the grilled ribs cooled. It was easy since I used about 3 tablespoons of what was on hand.


3 tbsp fresh picked minced rosemary
3 tbsp garlic powder
3 tbsp smoked paprika
3 tbsp cumin
3 tbsp cumin sea salt
3 tbsp freshly cracked pepper
1 cup of olive oil.

(drizzles of honey for serving later)


I placed all above ingredients, except honey, in a bowl to mix.

Then In a large roasting pan I rubbed  all the ribs with the herb/oil mixture.

I roasted them for about an hour, but they didn’t fall off the bone. Then I turned the oven to 250 and roasted them for another hour until they were perfect.

By then I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo. The house smelled terrific as the storm ranged on.

I drizzled on some honey and devoured most of the ribs.

The perfect pairing for me was a mug or two of cold crafted wheat beer garnished with an orange peel. Stormy or not, this was an ideal meal.

Brenda C. Hill

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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