The Top Sandwich Trend for 2011, is grilled cheese according to Flavor and the Menu.

Karen O’ Dowd, one of our guest bloggers, has a crunchy version of a pressed cheese sandwich she discovered in Michigan. Since Karen is off to Russia and Poland, perhaps she will find an authentic borscht to pair with this grilled cheese delight. This hot pannani would make a fun dipper for cold soup. Karen’s find was with fresh tomatoes, apple wood bacon and Mozzarella, but she substitutes Brie.

Old comfort food favorites with new twists is one of the top 10 trends I studied and sampled at the Flavor and the Menu Conference this summer in Newport Beach, California.

This nostalgic sandwich offers opportunities for chefs and home cooks to add their creative flair.

The grilled cheese is a special sandwich for me. I taught my daughter, Robin, to make one when she was three years old. She went on to become a chef, food writer and a presenter at The Flavor and the Menu annual conference.
The development team for Flavor and the Menu suggests a Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese from the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco. This kitchen combines Chevre, Monterrey Jack, apple-wood smoked bacon and apricot-jalapeno relish for a unique taste sensation.
These sandwiches showcase the many artisan breads that are available today. Like customizing your own burgers, finding that new twist on the classic grilled cheese will satisfy cravings for innovation and comfort foods.
I used to enjoy my grilled cheese with tomato soup and milk. Now I choose an appropriate wine, such as a German Riesling Kabinett or a French Rose with a bit of sparkle.