RealSalt is unrefined sea salt mined from ancient sea beds.
Delicious. Oh how I enjoy reading the ingredients list of a new product, and finding only one!  Ingredients in Redmond’s award winning RealSalt: Ancient Sea Salt.
For our team of culinary writers there is only one word that counts: taste. As international food judges, The Tandem Tasters, we know that one small detail can alter the outcome of an entire dish.
I had fun experimenting by taking the RealSalt taste test. I sprinkled RealSalt on a fresh farm tomato. Intoxicating. I could barely stop to try the regular white salt. It was still good, but no comparison. I also had to use more for that savory sensation. Next I sprinkled the real stuff on a caramel. It was transformed to new flavor heights. Try a pinch of Realsalt on a perfectly poached egg.
RealSalt is extracted from deep within the earth. It is crushed, screened and packaged without bleaching or refining. I enjoy the seeing the shades of pink flecks that represent more than 50 natural trace minerals.
One of the real truths about salt is that we use too much of it. In June, 2011, The Wellness Center at The University of California recommended that we lower our sodium intake to 1,500 mg. I have learned that a few grains of RealSalt packs over double the flavor of ordinary salt.
The easiest way to cut down, without sacrificing taste is to limit processed and packaged foods. I prefer to cook for myself with a few simple fresh ingredients, or choose a restaurant with a chef who knows and cares.

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French Master Chef Herve Laurent photo: M D Hill

Recently on an IFWTWA culinary tour of Seattle and Alaska, French Master Chef Herve Laurent prepared delicious Salmon in Holland America’s Culinary Kitchen. He only used RealSalt on his fish and in his sauces for maximum flavors. He highly recommended RealSalt to his interactive audience of food lovers. Herve is a chef who knows and cares.
If Real Salt costs a few pennies more, by using less of it, you actually save money while promoting good health and amazing taste.
For nutritional information or other questions contact:
Heber City, Utah 84032