The Hill team thoroughly enjoys the luscious indulgences of Thanksgiving Day. A year ago there were no cocktails or even a taste of turkey for the Tandem Tasters. We were honored to be conch judges on the beautiful Turks and Caico islands. Somehow Norm manged to discover and enjoy a few bites of the American bird.

This year we plan to make up for our conch indulgence with a traditional turkey dinner. Maralyn and Norm will be with family. I will be sharing my meal with a group of friends from New England and China. Since I am in charge of the cocktails, I want something American and light. There will be wines with dinner.

Pom Champagne Sparkler,Cape Codder, and a Madras

Our usual choice is to begin with a chilled glass of California sparkling wine. If you add a few dashes of pomegranate juice, you will have a sparkling crimson colored Thanksgiving or Christmas drink.

I will also offer a Cape Codder Cocktail, in honor of New England.

Ingredients – for four

8 oz vodka
16 oz cranberry juice


Pour into a cocktail shaker with cracked ice and shake very gently.

Or pour into a pitcher and stir.

Strain into chilled martini glasses.

Garnish with a few whole cranberries.

Tip:  If you freeze them first, cranberries make delightful little ice cubes.

Another drink I enjoy with all of the tangy flavors of the Thanksgiving feast is a Madras. It is like a Cape Codder, only add half cranberry and half orange juice to the vodka. Sometimes I substitute a light rum for the vodka. The colors resemble an autumn sunset.


Brenda C. Hill

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