Everyplace I move, I make up a special cocktail to personalize my new abode. I could write a cocktail book since I am on my 40th concoction.

This one is easy, and again proves the old adage about necessity being the mother of invention. I picked the fruit from my own trees. It has a similar sweet/sour taste treat of a lemon drop.

Coral Cove Cocktail

2 oz brandy… any kind handy, even cherry, which I use in fondue.
2 oz Grand Marnier, or triple sec, depending on using the juice of a real orange.
The juices from lemon or lime, to taste, plus the juice from a fresh orange or grapefruit…if handy.

Stir liquor and juice over ice, strain into a sugar-rimmed glass.

Sip the citrus taste of summer.

I found two new cafes within walking distance, one Polish/Hungarian, with every morsel house made… the other is a country French bistro… recipes to follow soon.