French Mint Sparkler

Love the name and love this simple sparkling refresher.


1 ounce brandy
2 teaspoons mint simple syrup (see below)
1/2 cup cold, dry sparkling wine


Place brandy and simple syrup in a shaker with ice.
Shake to chill, strain into wine or flute glass.
Top with bubbly and stir once.
Garnish with mint leaf.

Basic simple syrup:
Combine 2 cups of water and two cups of granulated sugar in a sauce pan.
Stir to mix.
Place over medium-high heat to dissolve.
As soon as sugar is dissolved,remove from heat and let cool.
Refrigerate the syrup in a sealed container.

To infuse simple syrup with mint, after dissolving the sugar, add a cup of fresh mint leaves and push them to the bottom of the pan.
Let steep for over 30 minutes.
Pour through a sieve, pressing down to extract all the flavors.

This recipe is from Nicole Aloni, from Seattle, who has catered the Academy Awards, Queen Elizabeth II, and Julia Child.